The Best Mass Effect Andromeda Weapons

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, chances are you already play Mass Effect Andromeda weapons or you’re about to blast off with it.

Either way, we’ll cruise you through an important highlight of the game: weapons.

You need to updated on some of the weapons from this game. Hence, this article is based on Mass Effect Andromeda weapons.

Read till the end to find out more.


N7 Valkyrie

Deadly in its name and terrific in the game, this weapon won’t disappoint you any time soon. It fires two round bursts at one time, hitting the enemies with a force beyond their health bars.

This Assault Rifle will get you out of tough situations, it was also issued to recruits of the Milky Way’s Alliance Military as a standard weapon.


Black Widow

Next up, we’ve got a deadly sniper rifle up for grabs. This beast of a weapon can pick off enemies from a distance effectively while allowing you to hide without being targeted by anyone.

It fires three powerful shots with every thermal clip, able to blow away foes in seconds.

Additionally, the scope this weapon has is not your regular one. It’s enhance, allowing you to have a clearer view to shoot those enemies down.

This is exactly why Black Widow is often claim as the best sniper rifle in the game.


M-37 Falcon

No no, it’s not a plane it’s a weapon. But just like the jet, the M-37 packs a decisive punch. It’s lightweight, even though it fires exploding grenades towards your target. Moreover, the explosives contain certain sensors that release small grenades that bounce off from walls and attack enemies as soon as they come in contact with them.

This is your go-to option since the game has only a handful of grenade launchers.


N-7 Crusader

Famous among players for being effective and helpful, this weapon won’t let you down that easily.

This is a semi-automatic shotgun, but wait, don’t declare it as a normal shotgun since the projectiles it fires are different. Their thickness allows improved accuracy, which you normally don’t find in shotguns.

I’d say this is a decent weapon to rely on if you’re looking to put down a hoard of enemies.



Possibly the most powerful shotgun in the game, Dhan is second to none. Being a semi-automatic shotgun, it is similar to the N-7 Crusader, however, unlike the latter Dhan fires large, thick projectiles that are electrically charged. They produce magnetic fields in the atmosphere that can sustain plasmasphere.

Knock them down with this weapon!

However, you should be certain to get real close to your targets. Since it fires narrow projectiles, chances are, you may avoid the target by a close margin but once the shot hits, their death isn’t far.



We’ve got another grenade launcher for you but this time, it’s a mini-grenade launcher.

What’s interesting about this weapon is that the explosives do not go off immediately, they stick to the walls and detonate after a certain time, call it a countdown if you may.

Although the mini-grenades may just pick off a huge number of enemies in one go, you may want to time your shots effectively to ensure that they don’t detonate at the wrong time.



A rapid-fire pistol created by Nexus Exiles with a standard pistol look. However, looks aren’t everything when it comes to weapons.

You may not crack the code with other, big weapons but this pistol may pull you from a big mess. They can come in handy if you’re ever caught off guard.

Which weapon do you like the best out of all of them?

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