8 best Kirby’s Adventure games from 2000-2010

Kirby’s Adventure games are basically a new world in which we can decide what to do and have more control. Players can also differ from the actual situation, making them more active in real life than in reality. The cancelled video games are Warcraft Adventure, the Outsider, Balloon Trip and many more.


Darksiders: Wrath of War, is an Kirby’s Adventure game by Vigil Games released by THQ that lets you play the role of war. War is one of the Knights of the Apocalypse. When the creator of humanity gave Eden, the neglect Nephilim was provoke and fought against the archangels. Nephilim has only four survivors: anger, strife, death and war. The charred parliament blamed its agents for maintaining a balance between good and evil: the Four Knights. A cease-fire agreement was reached between heaven and hell: the creation of the seven seals was broken when the human kingdom was finished, triggering a final war in which the four armies would cross the earth, restore balance, and restore a treaty.

James Bond 007: Blood Stone

It is an Kirby’s Adventure game. The international conspiracy puts Britain’s most mysterious biochemical project in mortal danger: Only James Bond, the deadliest agent under Queen Je, can solve this mystery. On a global hunting expedition you travel to Athens, Istanbul, Monaco and Bangkok and fight on land, on water and in the air. Carry out accurate cover battles and tactical crossfire and accelerate the driving sequence with explosive adrenaline fuel.

Splinter Cell

This game was launched in 2005. Play the double role of a secret, brutal terrorist. As a dual character, experience the reckless tension and pain of life. As secret agent Sam Fisher, you must infiltrate a nasty terrorist organization and destroy it from within. You must weigh the consequences of the operation carefully. Kill too many terrorists and you will not be able to hide it.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

The preamble shows that Wolfol was chased by a group of soldiers in a bleak urban environment. He wears a torn uniform reminiscent of X-Men costumes, suggesting that this might happen in the future. His thoughts sank into a forgotten past. As Stryker became interested in the meteorite deposits in the area, the game started in Africa called Wakanda. The African mission in Flashback records the history of the events that led to Logan’s dissolution of Team X and shows that Logan’s morale contradicted Team X’s order. The creed won, breaking Logan’s bones and rendering him unconscious. When he woke up, Logan realize that Keira was dead. The arrival of Colonel William Stryker offered Logan a chance for revenge.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

It is an adventure game release in 2002. It is the most favorite game for kids. This is the last Harry Potter game release for Game Boy Color and the last Harry Potter game release on PlayStation.

Pac-Man World 2

PAC MAN WORLD 2 for PS2 takes the remake of classic arcade games with 3D graphics and other features to a whole new level. The game contains more than 20 levels in 6 worlds, and Pac-Man has to adapt by using various sports such as ice skating and swimming. This is one of the features that characterize the second game. In PAC MAN WORLD 2 the whole game was full of passion and passion. In addition to avoiding obstacles and secondary enemies, the player sometimes has to fight one of the four ghost monsters. Although the game is a complete remake of arcade games, it has its peculiarity and simplicity. In the second version of the remake, “PAC MAN WORLD 2” has become even better with its entertaining levels, colorful graphics and Pac-Man’s novel actions.

Myst IV: Revelation

In the visually stunning world of Myst, a fascinating family drama will slowly unfold. A little girl is missing, her two brothers are suspect and it is clear that her story is far from over. Players will escape the adventure as they try to solve the mystery and discover the fate of two evil brothers, Sirrus and Achenar. The plot is very suspicious and confusing, and the music produced by Jack Wall in collaboration with Peter Gabriel will create an unparalleled experience.

Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Nancy Drew filed her first international case with the UK. She will visit the neighbor’s daughter, Linda Penvellyn, the new wife of British diplomat Hugh Penvellyn. Nancy reached Blackmore Manor and found that Linda hid behind a thick curtain and refused to let anyone see her. As Linda’s health subsided, Nancy searched desperately for the cause of her sudden and mysterious decline. There were certainly some great cancelled video games that unfortunately were stopped due to financial disagreements that could have been blockbuster.

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