Popular Indoor Games

Whenever one uses the term”sports and games” it is common human mentality to associate it with the likes of Football, Tennis, Baseball, Foosball, etc. Especially in some countries, where the spectrum of sports is inhabited by cricket (leaving little space for recognition of other sports) the popularity of indoor games and sports are all but absent. The only indoor sport we must boast about is Chess and Badminton (to an extent!).

But when it comes to the world at large, indoor games are just as important as outdoor sports and games are. Be it at the Olympics or other international tournaments, indoor games are held in great respect globally, and a few of the very well-regarded are as follows-


To a layman, this match may look to be a childish indulgence- having hold of a humongous ball simply to knock ten odd-shaped hooks at the end of a street barely qualifies as a match, eh? Wrong. The game of bowling was approved and is played over 95 million people throughout the planet, spanning over 90 nations. Its origins are in Ancient Egypt (found from stays by Sir Flinders Petrie) and the Roman Empire in which the folks used husk chunks, leather balls, etc.. Pin bowling, because it’s known now (with 10-pin, 9-pin as well as 5-pin variants ), was initially launched in New York in 1895. Apart from providing a fun evening out, bowling provides lots of exercise to the body and helps in strengthening of muscles, burning off fat, etc.


Football is a game that is appreciated around the world. It is another popular indoor games and sports. Actually, it’s by far the most popular sport worldwide, drawing millions of audiences to stadiums and live broadcasts. It’s tough to mimic the intricacies of football at a tabletop game, but football brings the excitement of a live game to your house. When there was a foosball table in someone’s house, it was likely a children table, made of plastic. Now, however, things are different. Professional foosball tables have not been cheaper. The Affordable plastic tables are something of the past; specialist, high-quality foosball tables are something of the current.


A general term used for Carambole Billiards, this is definitely the most popular game in the household of billiards (others include three-cushion billiards, swimming pool, etc). It’s thought to have its roots in France in the late 1700s. The carambola billiard game (popular in the household ) has a very simple goal – a point is scored (called counts) whenever the cue ball strikes the object chunks in one stroke. The moment a preset amount of points is attained the winner is determined. Other versions of billiards consist of limited-rail billiards, balkline billiards, cushion carom, three-cushion billiards, etc.


This is a racquet and ball sport which can be played by 2 (singles) or four (doubles) players. The name squash comes in the softness of the ball that’s used in the game. Harrow school is known with the creation and popularization of the game that used racquets similar to but a whole lot milder than, those used at tennis. The rules of the game have experienced a lot of changes over time. According to the conventional scoring system, the first player to achieve 9 points is declared the winner of the sport. In case the scoreline, however, reads 8-8 then the player who attained 8 first gets to decide whether the game is going to be performed to 9 or played to 10. However, as stated by the current approved scoring system, games are played to 11 and need to be reached keeping a gap of 2 in order to win. As stated by the World Squash Federation, England is the country with the highest number of squash courts in the world. Jahangir Khan of Pakistan is broadly regarded as the greatest player in the game.

Table Tennis

Analogous to the outdoor counterpart, table tennis can be played with two players (singles) or from four (doubles). The principles of this sport, however, are somewhat different. The ceremony has to be completed in a way in order to create the ball fall once in an individual’s own half of the board once from the opponent’s half an hour, and afterward from the opponent’s half just. In doubles, the rally is continued by players switching among themselves hence adding an excess dimension of challenge for this exceptionally speedy game; additionally, in doubles, the ceremony is performed diagonally between opposite segments of the board! This sport originated in England from the late 1800s, in which it was played largely from the elite course because of a post-meal game. Due to the noise of the ball being struck to-and-fro involving the racquets, this sport is also referred to as ping-pong. With 2 World Championships and a World Cup title to his title, Jan-Ove Waldner is thought of as one of the best players of the game.


Like squash, Badminton can be a racquet sport (played with a shuttlecock in lieu of a ball). Opponents are pitted against one another on either side of a net and a point is scored by a participant when the shuttlecock is not returned during a rally, by his own opponent. 1992 was the first year when badminton was first introduced in the Olympics. This game requires a good deal of agility, reflexes and hand-eye coordination. It had been in British India (the early 1800s) when this sport first came into existence. However, rather than that which we know as shuttlecocks today (made of feathers), woolen balls were used. The Badminton World Federation was created in the year 1934, a long time after the game had gained widespread recognition in England.


Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith as a method to help keep his pupils at the gym busy on a rainy day. The idea was to think of a game that would not be overly rough yet would offer the ideal number of exercises. Points are scored by placing the ball at the basket (two things ) if it’s in the front of the three-point line three-points are scored. Basketball, in western nations, is performed at several levels including faculty and high-school degree basketball. The National Basketball Association (NBA) from the USA has been formed in 1949 and is, now, the top skilled basketball team in the world. It’s seen players such as Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, Larry Bird, etc., who have contributed greatly to the popularity and the achievement of this game.

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