Make a Webgames Using Flash Game Source Code Templates

In the past, computer games usually have high CPU and bandwidth requirements because of the use of large size bitmap images. With the increasing popularity of web based games in recent years, Flash has become the mainstream of Webgames development tool.

There are several benefits of using Flash to create web games versus using other types of software. One important advantage is that Flash games load a lot faster than games developed with other software programs because it is 100% vector based. Flash also comes with many built-in animation effects. Which makes it easier for developers to program a colorful, fast loading, smooth running gaming experience for players. Flash compiled animations use very little memory and bandwidth, without compromising on the quality and features of the games. The Flash developer kit from Adobe is also relatively inexpensive as a professional game development software. All these factors have made Flash the best web game development software for web programmers. And made web game easy to develop and addictive to play.

Online web games are not just for kids. According to Casual Games Market Report 2007, an estimated 200 million consumers play casual games online every month. Many of them are working adults who do not regard themselves as fans of video games. Casual games typically are a flash mini game, played on a personal computer online in web browsers. They are usually extremely easy games, like a shooting or golf game that can be played entirely using a one-button mouse or keypad, the overall skill required to play the game is much lower than a traditional game. Players should be able to able to open and play the web game without reading a lengthy introduction to the product. This simple and easy to play aspect of flash casual games has helped grow the industry rapidly.

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