Adventures game to play which is Dead Island 2

The name itself is a definition of terror and adventure, and Dead Island 2 is much more than that. The video game was develop by Tech land and has become an instant rage for players all over the world.

The game was developed for Microsoft windows, PlayStation, etc and cam be assessed on most gaming interfaces. Like most video games this one also tells the player a tale of its own. It helps the gamer get into the virtual gaming world in first person. The games are publish by deep Silver. The game can be play in multi player mode as well as single player mode. The games have amazing graphics and state of the art sound and video quality. Gamer can instantly connect to such games as there is lot of role-playing and active participation in characters by player. You can play it for your enjoy.

Story of the game:

The games are virtually of a fictional place call the island of Banoi. It tells the story of characters who find themselves in a posh hotel. It is when emergency strike does game begins where players have to select weapons and fight their battles for survival. The story is well told and the adventure and twists and turns in the drama carry the interest of the gamer. The best part about game is incorporation of human emotions like drama, adventure and horror as part of the game. It helps liven up the characters. The game also goes to include new technology in its concept like the inclusion of zombie. This is the fight of the humans against it for survival. The Dead Island also makes generous usage of landscape in island with finesse, and rain forest is adventurous place indeed. The game is much played one on the online format.

Review of players about Dead Island 2:

The in-game combat is done through the use of melee weapons and firearms where melee is emphasized and mostly used. Generally, in zombie apocalypse, you don’t want to alert horde where they would come in swarm rip you to shreds. It will be easier taking on one zombie and moving on to another one. The first quarter of the game is with melee only and then firearms are introduce. But melee is often the best choice of weapon to use in the game. Weapons can found in predetermine locations with generally stats base on the player’s level. With each weapon, it can be upgrade four times to increase the stats. With combat, there is a stamina bar which means each physical action takes up a chunk of stamina. It means you are limit to what you can do within specific time before you have to regain your stamina.

In the game, each zombie has different abilities. The infected are both the running and charging types and those who are walkers. So you have to careful while playing this game and save yourself to die.

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