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Snooker Pool Game is a billiard game that was first introduced in the late 19th century. It has been played with a cue and a set of 15 red colored balls whose value is a single point each.

Along with the red balls are six different color balls that are use during a game of snooker. This is see in Snooker Online as well, a good source to practice and play free snooker games. Snooker was thought to have been introduced by British officers that were situated in India. It has said that it start with regular game of billiards which was then modify to game of snooker. Name for game was label when an inexperience individual play the game and made horrible shot, they called him snooker. The object of the game is to score points for the balls that you knock in.

What you should have to do in game?

To win the game you need to score the most points. This is a game of skill and being able to sink the most balls in without any errors. This is done by a strategy of controlling how hard you hit the ball, and planning your next shot. It is never a good idea to just randomly shoot. You should always think about setting up your next shot before shooting the initial one. Just like all challenging games. It takes practice to gain experience and skill. The more practice you have the better snooker player you will become. The game overall is very challenging, requires patience but is a lot of fun. While playing Free Snooker Games you can increase your playing skills and get an enhanced experience to how game works. It takes a lot of time to be relatively good at the game.

Play snooker online:

By playing Snooker Online you can practice at your own convenience any time of the day. The World Snooker Championship is the final event in the snooker circuit. Only the best snooker players can compete, and they get to this event by winning many other snooker matches. Snooker is one of the harder forms of billiards to play, and has many different rules to follow. The championship is currently being held at the Crucible Theater, in Sheffield, England. Championship is very exciting to the snooker player, and is almost like the super bowl of snooker pool. A snooker game uses 22 billiard equipment balls. 15 of these are red, and the other 6 are of various different colors. Points are give with the different balls land in the pockets. Red balls must go before the other colors. Countries that house the best snooker players are Great Britain and China.

The winner of the World Snooker Championship is award millions of pounds in cash. Not only from the championship, but also from snooker pool games played along the way. You can play free online games without paying any charges and enjoy your game at home.

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