Party Games for Kids & Kittie Party Games

Games are another name of entertainment that is for everyone either he is the kind of young one. If you have any party and try to manage any games than preferring that game which gives more fun and rememberable for everyone which is participating in the game. Games can be set according to party occasion and well develop a theme. Like if you have a birthday party than a set that games that is primarily for birthday boy or girl, and all his follower enjoy this game. Always prefer little and short time games that are filled with fun and entertainment, and everyone gets enough fun and enjoyment.

In this article, I am explaining about party games that are primarily for kids and also Kittie party games which are also for kids, but the theme is kittie.

Amazing Party Games for Kids

Prefer that game which is ideal for kids that make a day most beautiful and memorable stunning party games are here.

Bubble wrap race: this game is primarily for the age of 3 years of kids. In this, a paper is roll out and leave it in the ground in an open space and instruct the kid to follow this paper and pick one.

Balloon burst: as its game name shows that in it a balloon is hanging on different part of the room and say the child to burst the balloon with hand.

Musical chairs: this party game is play with chair and music this game is perform under the age of 10 years. Kids should run around the chair and sit in the chair when the music stops. Kids who are sitting on the chair are winning the game, and standing kids are away from the game.

Kittie Party Games

Kittie is a lovely character that is like by many people either they are in childhood or younger enough. Its game theme is entirely different from any other that are here.

Lape the milk race: give the participant a lape of milk and vanilla flavour ice cream and tell the participant to eat it with tongue without uses the hand and win who is eating the first and speedily.

Goldfish relay: this is particular kittie party game in it a spoon has goldfish bowl and participant take this spoon in the mouth and run from one place to another and again pick up the container and run. A participant who has some bowls win the game.

Movie game name: a paper and pencil should need to play this game every participant has owned this. One people stay to write movie names about one character, and the person who is writing more movies name is the winner.

This is all about Party Games for Kids & Kittie Party Games which can enjoy anyone. You can try out above me mentioning all games and enjoy your life. Please share your views in the comment section which game you want to play and which was playing you before. You can visit our website for more Party Games :

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