Places to visit in Georgia and rent a car in Tbilisi

If you are going to travel to Georgia and would like to know about the most interesting places in this country which are worth visiting, I will briefly tell you about the most interesting ones. There are many sightseeing spots in the country but you will have to rent a car in Tbilisi to reach most of them. I suggest GSS Car Rental agency as I have used their service and was really satisfied. You need to rent a 4wd vehicle because you will have to drive on country roads to get to the most interesting destinations. GSS owns a lot of SUV’s and you will be able to choose the one you like. Personally I have rented Toyota 4Runner.

There are many medieval monasteries, fortresses and deep caves in the Georgian mountains. You will also be able to ski in winter or rest on the beach in summer. There is a short period of time when you can do both – skiing and swimming! Amazing experience!

So, before taking a trip you can book a car at GSS Car Rental and make sure that the vehicle will be delivered at the airport of Tbilisi. This is a capital of Georgia where you will find some interesting places to visit like Narikala Fortress. You can enjoy the view over the city from it. It is the place to start exploring Tbilisi as you will be able to see the most part of the city from above.

The next place I suggest visiting is Vardzia, it is a remarkable cave monastery of the twelfth century in a southern part of the country. This is a cave complex with numerous rooms connected on the several floors. After that you can visit Batumi – a modern town on the Black Sea coast. The buildings in this town are the mixture of Asian and European styles and also some weird looking towers. Batumi is mostly design to attract people to play in casinos.

If you like climbing, you can visit Juta village which is 2200m above the sea level. It is the popular place among professional climbers with a great view.

I have chosen to highlight these 3 locations, but surely there are much more interesting places to visit in Georgia.

The car we have rented at GSS Car Rental has performed very well on country roads and highways. Even if the vehicle brakes down GSS has a 24 hour on road support. And will fix the vehicle in place or provide another one in the same class in exchange. The stuff of the company speaks good English and I didn’t have any troubles communicating. I can recommend this company if you are going to rent a car in Georgia.

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