UCDM – The Problem With Victims

The victim and victimizer are the most predominate roles we reenact in all of our special relationships and events in the world. We vacillate between being the perpetrator (victimizer) and the recipient (victim) of behaviors. Most think these are two distinct roles, and therefore, two different sets of problems requiring various solutions. In A Course in Miracles (UCDM), they’re really one problem requiring one solution: Correct your mind of all ego judgments which is forgiveness. This solution is available to both the victim and victimizer equally when they’re not focused on what the other is doing in form.

What is happening in form (behaviors and things) is a projected movie based on the script (judgments, choices, beliefs, agreements and opinions) in the mind. When the script is decided upon, the plot takes shape (form) in the movie as our experience. In the dictionary, the plot has both a noun and verb meanings. Since we’ve all agreed to these definitions as the word symbols in the ego world, let’s look at those as well as the ones for victim and victimizer who are the characters in the plot.

Plot as a noun (victim): The plan made in secret to do something harmful.

Victim: Someone who has been harmed, injured, damaged or killed by another.

Plot as a verb (victimizer): Secretly taking the actions of making the plan to do something harmful.

Victimizer: Someone out for cruel and unjust treatment (harm) of another.

Notice the similar plot for both characters and the common denominator of “harm” in the four (4) definitions. Going back for a moment, let’s recall the Course teachings on extension, sharing, identity and function. You expand (share and extend) based on who you think you are which is ultimately the ego or God. The belief of who you think you are is also your identity and function as those are the same.

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