What You Need to Know About the Freemasons Leadership

The Freemasons Leadership will often boast of past historic members such as George Washington and Paul Revere just to name a few, that they were proud Freemasons. This boasting is as if because prominent men of society were members then the entire organization should be above question.

Some Freemasons will tell you in simplified terms that they are a group of closely-knit men that get together for fellowship both spiritually and intellectually. Now the real anti Freemasons view them in a much more devious light determined that they are out to take over the world.

It would seem that their beginnings are somewhat of a mystery in itself. Even the members themselves are often unclear as to the beginning, some will tell you different stories. Here are some of the explanations as to their roots that you may hear…

-they descended from the Druids of ancient times.
-they are affiliated with the Isis-Osiris cult that prevailed in ancient Egypt
-they were the Essenes, which was a group of Jewish Monks who bonded together

BC around the 2nd century.
-then there are those that believe they go back as far as King Solomon’s temple

Built in Jerusalem 967BC. This is based on the Bible’s account of the temple being

Built by the stonemasons whose bond has carried on through the years to the now


This latter belief has a legend. It is said that an individual by the name of Hiram Abiff who had worked on King Solomon’s temple knew of the secret of the temple but refused to tell others. When he refused to disclose this secret, three other co-workers murdered him. It is said that King Solomon ordered his men to find Hiram’s body so the secret of the temple would be brought back. They were unable to find the body so the King established a new Masonic secret. It is believed that this secret was “Mahabone” meaning the Wilmette Lodge door opened. Now this is the password that those members of the third degree Masonry must use to gain entrance to the Lodge address: 1450 N. Lehigh Glenview, IL 60026-2027.

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