The trend of the future of automotive technology

In early 2002, the UK Brent crude oil price was 18.7 U.S. dollars / barrel in early 2012, the UK Brent crude oil price of $ 111 / barrel; April 2002, petrol price is 2.8 yuan / liter, April 2012 Beijing gasoline price is 8.33 yuan / liter. The merciless fact tell people, regardless of which country will inevitably fuel prices continued to rise plagued. Therefore, the most noteworthy automotive 검증사이트: energy. Automotive intelligent long-term planning is still in front of planning is as much as possible to conserve oil resources, opening up new energy, which is the most important development of automotive technology.

Conserve oil resources, the current known programs such categories: diesel turbocharger technology, hybrid technology. Among them, the German diesel technology is very mature, each auto show can be seen on the various models of the diesel version of Volkswagen AG in 2004, very hard to want the diesel engine introduced into our country, let us also be able to enjoy the heavenly m fuel consumption of less than 6 liters of Polaris. Unfortunately, for various reasons, this plan failed. Subsequently, Volkswagen began efforts to sell the supercharger technology, through the years to continuously promote, the TSI DSG has gained become synonymous with high-tech. However, for some rational consumers soon see the truth behind this technology has advantages of low fuel consumption, power, but there are also poor applicability, high cost and high failure rate of less than

In comparison, the hybrid 검증사이트 seems to have an advantage, Toyota is the first of this attempt manufacturers become more mature, its Prius, and its technology has been extended to the Lexus vehicle models. Early in the 2008 Prius in the United States had already achieved a market share of 50.6%. In addition, Nissan and Ford’s hybrid technology is derived from Toyota. This factor into account, Toyota’s hybrid technology in the U.S. market The share of 85.88%. The same period in generic hybrid market share of only 4.14%. Perhaps it is for this reason, once exhibited in the Shanghai auto show last year Wal-Landa, and later. After the listing price of 498,000 yuan, soon evolved into an exhibit of the 4S shop.

Perhaps admit defeat in the forthcoming opening. The Beijing auto show, is say to Universal intends to concept cars and hybrid vehicles flying. The trademarks of Chevrolet moved to Beijing, including technical highlight. The 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine of mixed technology and engine start-stop technology. In fact, at this stage most likely to achieve commercialization of energy-saving technologies. The most important addition to the mixed dynamic technology start-stop technology.

 Start-stop technology refers to the vehicles in congested road, waiting for the green light. The speed is zero,Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. The engine automatically stops running, and at any time instant start. This technology can reduce vehicle exhaust emissions within the city limits, and can reduce the fuel consumption of motor vehicles. It is noteworthy that the Beijing auto show, Geely and Tianjin FAW will focus on the display of start-stop technology. It is say, Geely Automobile will this technology was first apply in August this year, Imperial EC7. The Weizhi V5, with a start and stop 검증사이트 will be list in the Beijing Auto Show.

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