The development trend of Chinese plant extracts industry

The same as other pharmaceutical production enterprise, plant extract enterprise also exist the quantity, small scale, low benefit, single testosterone cypionate injection, low risk resistance capacity and other problem. In addition, the product quality is not unified, lack of unified effective control. Invest lo cost in the research and development, plant extracts and preparation technology is backward. In the use of plant extract made from plant medicine, China also in a relatively backward position.

China’s traditional Chinese medicine products belong to plant medicine concept of products is not much, such as ginkgo biloba preparation, etc. Chinese plant medicine in the international market share is not high, far less than the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries. As the tide of plant medicine rise it doesn’t mean that the opportunity of Chinese traditional medicine go to the world medicine market comes, on the contrary, China’s traditional Chinese medicine industry will face the more violent impact on “the Chinese traditional medicine from foreign country”. China plant medicine development need to strengthen in the following aspects:

1. Perfect scale industrial policy. In China, plant extract is pharmaceutical raw materials, compared to chemical apis, the extract medicine is lack of corresponding laws and regulations and policy on market constraint and regulate. Need to regulate product registration system and standard system to improve the extract industry admittance threshold.

2. Prepare a sustainable development strategy. In recent years, the phenomenon of the foreign enterprises in low-cost acquisition of Chinese herbal medicine resources and extract medicine increasingly fierce, the sustainable utilization of Marine resources has become an increasingly important issue, because of predatory development master medicinal materials and extract or crude product, now wild ephedra, licorice has rarely.

Therefore, while in the exploitation and utilization of natural medicine resources, pay more attention to the species resources, especially should pay attention to the protection of rare and endangered species, accomplish reasonable recovery, production breeding, the establishment of reserves, and the use of modern technology preservation. Development of high quality resources, implementing the development and protection simultaneously.

3. Strengthening basic research and clinical research, especially the clinical research after the products go into the market. At present, compare to international plant medicine. Chinese medicine lack of composition, pharmacology and clinical research material, it influences on the international. China plant medicine identification, interfere with the Chinese plant medicine to go into the international.

4. Increase new technologies, including the application of extraction and preparation technology in plant medicine development. At present Chinese extract extraction technology is relatively backward overall, the dosage form is also the traditional dosage form. More research should be focused on the modern preparation. The combination of traditional Chinese testosterone cypionate injection. So that it can play a better drug effect and reduce the side effects.

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