Streameast – Bands Streaming Live

It started with a little bar from Windsor Ontario, Canada called Phog. This year is a big year for Phog Lounge. Not only did they win “Best Canadian Music Venue” award from CBC. But they have started a new fad of Streameast live music. Now we are seeing bands touring and broadcasting their live shows! How clever is that! All you need is an Internet connection which most major locations have free or paid WiFi. A computer with a camera (Macbooks come equipped). And a program called USTREAM.TV. This is a web page that you can go to and in a matter of minutes be streaming live video and audio.

There are some drawbacks as with most things technological. Feed maybe a bit choppy if your Internet connection is not strong or the source is being saturate with viewers. As well as the locations where most bands play the lighting is limit.

However, this is a great way to get your independent band heard as long as you market it properly. It’s all about networking. Using the tools at your fingertips, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Most of the live shows that I attend is from joining Facebook groups and then receiving invites from the bands or venues events. If you are a band I would recommend speaking to the owner of the venue you will be playing about Streameast your live show. Let the bar owner know that this would be a great way to advertise their venue.

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