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The latest addition to the Metroid series and the third in the Prime Trilogy is Metroid Prime Hunters. Corruption brings some new features and the return of some older features.

This game is due to be released the end of November, 2004. For those players who love to tie up loose ends, metroid prime hunters Corruption attempts to explain origins of Phazon. It works to bring the plot line to a close. Metroid prime hunters was developed by Retro Studios and designed for the Nintendo Wii system. The game is 3-D first person shooter game that uses Wii remote and Nunchuk to achieve greater level of control. The gun is used though the Wii remote pointer and the grappling beam used through the Nunchuk. Selection of weaponry is achieve with the console’s directional pad. Unlike other games in the Prime trilogy, metroid prime hunters come with stackable beam system.

Upgrades available in game:

This allows the player to progressively upgrade beams, missiles and grapples. There are also various visors in the game with the Command Visor being new to this game. A key feature, metroid prime hunters Command Visor allows player to remotely control gunship to assist in combat operations. The Scan Visor, another new addition, is a beam visor. An older visor making a comeback in this latest game is the x-Ray visor. Using the Wii remote, visors can be switche easily during game play. Another returning feature will be the Screw attack, which appeared in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. The controls have been upgrade so that scanning will be easier to perform. The game should be less difficult and faster pace than previous versions. The plot is simple: it sets out to reactivate the Base Sector Zero anti-orbital cannon generator when comes across Ridley.

Characters in game:

The two fall down a shaft and engage in a free fall battle when Samus is save by Rundus. The game flows to six months later and involves space pirates. Samus becomes one of many bounty hunters contacted by the Federation in order to deal with the Space Pirates. During presentation to hunters, Federation is attack by pirates and hunters, of course, go into action defending Federation against Pirates. A familiar nemesis, Dark Samus, appears before the hunters armed with overwhelming firepower. Hunters include a mysterious shape changing purple woman, a rock hunter and a robotic hunter. As in Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2 the Phazon material will play a large and integrated role in the game. During game the hunters as well as Samus will become infected with Phazon at the hands of Dark Samus. Game will show progression of the infection throughout the game with altered graphics.

Metroid Prime hunters Corruption promises to be a truly interactive gaming experience. Design with the Wii remote and Nunchuk controller in mind, game is intend to draw the player into the battle. For fans of Samus Aran, this may prove to be the ultimate Metroid experience.

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