Patchwork – Give Your Carpet the Care It Deserves

Carpets Patchwork are a huge investment that you make for your home. They not only make it pretty, but also give a warm and comfortable feel to your home. Everyday wear and tear may damage your carpets and you need regular maintenance if you want to save your investment.

One thing to keep in mind is that keeping carpets clean is not easy due to a number of factors such as food and drink spills. Mud and dust carried by people and animals, pet accidents, baby accidents, and more. Carpets can also tear due to moving of heavy furniture.

People facing the dilemma of a torn or ruined carpet usually hire a cleaning service. That specializes in carpet cleaning and patchwork or completely replace the carpet with a new one.

However, if you like to roll up your sleeves and invest your own time and effort into it, here is the process for you convenience:

How to remove common stains

You should begin treatment of the affected area immediately upon its discovery. The stain will be almost impossible to remove if left for an elapsed period of time.

Vacuuming works

The best way to keep your carpet well-maintained and clean is to vacuum it regularly to prevent soil and other small particles from sticking to the carpet.

If you spilled something on your carpet and want to avoid staining. Go for dry or wet vacuuming of the affected area using either the rotating brush, a beater bar or suction. The tricky part is – the machines have to be used under different settings depending on the type of carpet you have.

If there is residue from the spill left on the carpet, carefully scrape as much solid material as possible with a spoon or dull knife. Use mild detergent if required, and rinse the area gently with water all the while moving the vacuum back and forth.

Some stains can removed by water only. While other stains are more stubborn and require the use of a cleaning solution. There are carpet cleaning solutions available in the market that are damage free. Professional cleaning services, use only those carpet cleaning products which are approve by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America.

Some stains such as acid based toilet cleaners; hair dyes, bleach. And mustard with turmeric permanently alter the carpet’s colors, and can’t removed without help from a professional. Make sure to keep information on all the cleaning services, that are in the area.

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