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People who love Baseball need information related this game have to get knowledge about it first. People who love games but don’t have much knowledge about any game have to get professionals help. It is very important for people to understand the value of game and also have to understand the importance of efforts player do in field to make you happy. It is very important for people to cheer their favorite players whether he is winning or losing which helps them to be happy and increase the power to win game. People always said bad words about players who lose the game but they have to understand that how much they have to face for this. People have to understand that player should have to very much hard work and after that they are able to play the games. It is difficult to play game in too much pressure.

Captain in baseball:
There is one captain in every game who has all the responsibility to manage the payers and also have pressure in his mid to win the game. It is not possible for a normal person to handle all the team so this responsibility is given to best player who have best knowledge about everything in game. Captain should have different qualities in it and he is the main in all games. All player work according to captain and he manages all on the field. Captain has to understand the strategy of other team and also have to know that which players are best in his team to use them wisely. Captain should have to plan everything in game which helps them to win the games. All the responsibility of win and lose is on captain so he has to prepare properly before game.

Too much pressure and stress in game:

Every team is professional in baseball so they both play very well. Sometime both playing team have to play under pressure because they both are very near to win. At that they have to play very carefully otherwise they lose the game. It is very important to be calm to observe the game and increase the chances to win the game. Player needs to get a new plan to make it possible to win the match. It is very important to get knowledge about any game because there are many professionals are playing games. Players have to understand the planning of other team. It is too much difficult for player because there are hopes of many people that their team wins. Players have to do all their efforts and have to win the match to make their fan happy.

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