Murder Mystery Party: Things to Remember When Hosting a Party

If you are planning to host a casual get-together or a Murder Mystery Party, listed below are realistic hosting tips and tricks that will help you keep the gathering stress-free and fun for everyone. Hosting parties at home does not have to be a cause for a nervous breakdown. 

Only invite enough guests over

Your home might not be that perfect. There might not be enough chairs for all the people invited to the get-together. The bathroom might be dull and ugly or involve toilets that need a lot of effort just so to work. We guarantee that at least 99% of your friends enjoy getting invited to something with people they know or like and do not care about what the house looks like or if they have to sit on the floor or kitchen chair. If those guests do care, there is a big chance that they are not that close to you. 

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Do not make it too complicated 

Use electronic invites to send invitations to save money on paper invites. Do not bother mopping the floor during the party, whether it makes it less stressful for you or not; people will not notice the dirt on the floor. When it comes to food, the best thing you can do to make it less complicated is to order takeout food for dinner. 

It is a lot cheaper, and hosts don’t need to do some cooking since it can eat a lot of time and energy to cook food for a lot of people. Everyone likes to eat. No matter what type of food, the host provide, people will eat them, whether it is just a bag of potato chips with different dips or the most expensive slice of steak. 

Make sure to do well on one thing and cut yourself some slack when it comes to other things

We all know about parties posted on the Internet have a lot of fantastic details, whether big or small. But who cares about these little details? Hosts need to pick one thing to focus on, and make it perfect, whether it is food, decorations, or activities. Make everything else easier to make sure that we do not kill ourselves trying to make everything else perfect. No party is perfect, so do not make more complicated – a simple event is more enjoyable for guests if it ends without problems. 

Focus on big impact items 

People will not look at the baseboards at your house. Prioritize cleaning and vacuuming the bathroom. Since those are the places easily noticeable when people are coming over for a party. Don’t worry about the messy bedroom when hosting a get-together. Make one or two exceptional food items, and fill in with low-key things like fruits, chips, and dips, or water. You will never have the money, time, or energy to do everything. Do not waste your valuable resources on the things that no one notices. 

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Small details can make a big difference when hosting a get-together at home

Some cute flower bouquets, paper straws, or balloons go a long way, and these are very cheap. Not only that, but it also looks like the host went to some effort to have a pleasant and enjoyable get-together.

Crank up the air condition unit

It is probably one of the silliest and goofiest hosting tips and tricks. But there is nothing worse than realizing you are slowly melting like a piece of candle in a fireplace during the party. Always turn the air condition unit down at least four degrees lower compared to the usual air conditioner temperature. During the winter, open up a few windows to keep it from feeling like you are in the oven.

Only invite people you like

Guests need to know that when hosting an event or a get-together. Make sure only to invite people who you like to see. It is a tip that hosts know through trial and error, and usually, they learned it the hard way. Make sure that the guests at the event have something to talk to. 

Hosts do not want them to stay in the corner and stay silent the whole night. They are the host and are responsible for making the guests comfortable. If there is an introvert at the party, maybe they are in the wrong place or event where people need to interact with each other to have a wonderful evening. 

If you are hosting a party where guests are required to play games like murder mystery party. Make sure to invite guests who are willing to play. You do not want to invite someone who just wants to sit quietly while everyone has the best time of their lives.

Don’t be afraid to ask other people for help

If other guests want to help to decorate the place. Bring food and beverages or bring items like paper cups and paper places, take their offer. There is no shame in getting help from the guests. The host might feel like they are failing how to be an excellent party host. But when it is minutes away until the arrival of guests. You will be glad to have time to clean the toilets or vacuum the carpets instead of frantically chopping vegetables for a salad. Not only that, people like to feel like they are very useful to the party.

Set expectations

We all know that people hate going to an event that ends up being a group of people just sitting at the table talking. Guests also hate going to a party with kids. It will just end up being a children’s party, singing Let it Go from the movie Frozen for a couple of hours then go home because the kids are getting sleepy. Always account for children when planning for a night party. 

If guests bring their kids, make sure that they have a place where they can sit comfortably or that there are enough activities for them to enjoy. Hosts do not want them to go running around the house and break all their valuable items. If they do not want children to attend, make sure the people invited are notified at least a week before the event. So that they will have enough time to look for a babysitter or tell the host they are not coming because they cannot find one.

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