Kitchen Essentials For Your Camping Trip

Kitchen Essentials: If you are looking to go camping for a family holiday for a week or more, then you will know how important it is to have a good array of kitchen kit. Some believe that when you are camping that you are roughing it. In fact if you have been camping yourself you will know that this is very far from the truth. Who is to day that you cannot bring some items to the camp from your own kitchen?

If you have been camping for sometime then you will know that there is a huge assortment of kitchen camping products on the market, they range from miniature versions of saucepans and frying pans to camping coffeemakers. What I say is this specialized equipment is all good and well but you are paying a premium. Why? Well that would be because if anything is deemed to be for specialized use, companies can then shift the price up. But you can buy small non-stick frying pans from a hardware store that is a little bigger than the camping equivalent and a third of the price.

So what are those kitchen essentials for your camping trip? Well first of all you need a decent stove, ideally a double burner stove as they are so much more versatile than a single burner stove. Some even have a built in grill underneath the burners which is great for making toast. They can either powered by gas cartridges. But the far more economical option is for your stove to be powered by a gas bottle such as campinggaz.

As per your cutlery and crockery set, you will also need a tin opener and some scissors. The amount of times I used to forget the latter. It was very annoying and embarrassing asking fellow campers to borrow their tin opener.

Don’t forget tongs, skewers and a potato peeler as well. As they come in useful for making mash potato and the tongs are a necessity for barbecues. The skewers are also necessary for barbecues.

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