Game Art Outsourcing Company And Display Processing

On any given day, you can find Game Art Outsourcing Company processing and shipping large volumes of Point of Purchase displays filled with a variety of products to retail and warehouse locations all over the country.

Product displays have become a mainstay in retail environments. Retailers have found that their customers are attracted to a visually appealing floor or countertop display and that increased sales of products can be directly tied to being housed in displays. Displays have become an appealing way to merchandise seasonal products for events such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines day or simply to promote sales events or new releases. Displays can be quickly set up and removed compared to merchandising in hard set fixtures.

An example of this is music CDs and DVDs. In recent years with the onslaught of technology such as IPods, and illegal file sharing, music sales have decreased drastically. Retailers have found that displaying music CD’s and DVD’s, such as new releases or perennial favorites coupled with advertising, have much higher sales than the same music simply placed in a CD or DVD department rack

Most music CD and DVD displays contain time sensitive products that must be received at retail locations on a set date, corresponding to the advertised release dates. This of course presents retailers with a whole host of challenges in the logistics process. The receipt and accounting for all display components and retail merchandise and time release of shipments based on their specific transit times are all equally important in the preparation and execution of any project. Many wholesalers and retailers have sought out the services of outsource logistics companies to help with this labor intense process and to meeting the in store date requirements.

Some outsourcing companies have experience working on a wide variety of display types. Because of this experience, they been able to develop processes to manage this complexity and maintain flexibility to accept multiple display projects. Display projects that have become common place are Music CD’s, Movie DVD’s, Electronic games, Electronic components, consumer hard lines, books and PC software just to mention a few.

Outsource providers works with companies to design and manufacture displays components or they will work with pre-existing designs. Those display components are generally shipped prior to the arrival of the products that will go in them. When the customer supplied components arrive at assembly facilities, all of the required parts to assemble the displays are accounted for. A quality sample inspection is performed and compared to original art work or samples to assure that the graphics and color scheme match what the customer purchased. Usually the timeline between arrival of parts and the shipping of a project is so narrow that accounting for parts and quality inspections are absolutely vital.

Depending on the number of displays involved in a project, displays will start being assembled several days prior to the ship dates or in some cases within a day of receiving all of the components. The product that will be placed into displays, generally arrives several days to several weeks before the first ship dates. Most product assortments are retail site specific and come marked for the ship too location. Retailers can fully customize the product mix going into each retail locations display(s). Several days before the ship date, product will be loaded into already assembled displays and readied for shipment, attaching all required labels, packing slips and BOL to the outside of the shipping shroud. Displays are time released working backwards from the date that customers require them to be in their retail or warehouse locations.

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