Find Out Why You Should STOP Small Seo Paraphrasing Tool

Small Seo Paraphrasing Tool: If you’ve used this sentence or one like it to paraphrase a statement, concern, objection, comment or suggestion then you could be sending a message to your client that you are not listening. You were probably told the best way to understand and connect with a prospect is to listen actively and paraphrase what you’ve heard. I’m sure you never gave it a second thought. But there’s a better way to communicate AND ensure your client knows you really understand their issue.

Have you ever paraphrased something a prospect said and didn’t get it right? Imagine how frustrating that is for the prospect who took their time to communicate their issue to you. Instead of feeling like they’ve heard they now have to spend more time explaining it again. How embarrassing is that for you to have to be re-told something you should have paid more attention to in the first place? This can significantly impact your ability to establish a connection and gain that prospect as a client.

It’s not that Small Seo Paraphrasing Tool is a terrible thing to do. And your prospects won’t run out of the room screaming. But there’s a better way to communicate that you’ve heard what they said. Plus you’ll create more feelings of empathy and understanding from your prospect allowing you to make a greater connection. And most importantly there’s no chance of you “getting it wrong”. Are you dying to know what it is? Drum role please………

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