Become a Game Tester Review

Become a Game Tester – The Ultimate and Complete Review

Only a few decades ago, making a living from the comfort and privacy of one’s own home was unheard of and considered by many to be an impossible feat. But thanks in large part to remarkable advances in technology; it has now become possible to earn cash without even stepping out of the house.

The guide of this ultimate and complete review is to give you valuable insight into whether Become a Game Tester is worth investing your time, energy and money in or if it is another run-of-the-mill scam designed to lure people into a get-rich-quick scheme.

Become a Game Tester – What exactly it involves

What exactly happens when you become a Game Tester? As the term states, being a game tester means that you have to spend time from home and play games for as little or as long as you would like to. There is no strict schedule that needs to adhere to. On the contrary, you can play games when it is convenient for you and how long it is convenient for you too 123netflix. Either way, you get compensated for your work. Another perk of becoming a game tester is that you get to keep all the games that you test.

This means that you get to save a significant amount of money on video games. You are also provided with access and inside knowledge on hidden cheat codes, level secrets, and developer codes. These are some of the perks of becoming a game tester. The best part is, while you do have to start somewhere, becoming a game tester is not a dead end. It opens up a career path upon which you could end up as a game developer or designer. Working as a game tester will also allow you to forge connections with people who can help you make a name in the video game industry if you are interested in penetrating it.

Become A Game Tester Review

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Become a Game Tester – How it works

Becoming a game tester is very lucrative and stable as the video game industry is one of the few that remained unaffected by the 2008 recession. People still flocked to the stores to pick up their games or ordered them online. Game companies are in constant need of people who are willing and able to test their games. If you are wondering why a company would voluntarily shell out money for somebody to play their games, it is because it is critical to rid a game of any bugs or glitches before putting it out in the market.

One wrong move or careless mistake can put a dent in sales for an indefinite period. This is why companies willingly and gladly invest in-game testers. So what exactly are the qualifications that one needs to meet to become a Game Tester? There are three: 1) you need to be at least 15 years old; 2) you need a computer or a game console such as an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3; and lastly, 3) you need to have a serious love for video games.

Become a Game Tester – Is the testing difficult?

You are probably thinking; what questions will I need to answer if I sign up for this? As a game tester, you will be asked about the main game menu. It would be helpful to comment on its overall appearance, appeal, ease of navigation and usability. You can also ask about your most and least favorite parts of the game.

Questions about single-player mode and multi-player mode can come up, as well as any suggestions that you may have to offer to improve the game. If there are any glitches or bugs that you notice, you could ask to talk about them in detail. Lastly, you will likely ask to rank the game from a scale of 1 to 10 to help developers determine the game’s bankability.

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Pros and Cons of Becoming a Game Tester



  • Includes a guide on how to create the perfect resume.
  • It comes with a directory of game testing facilities closest to your location.
  • Guarantees inside information on contacting the Quality Assurance department of the company you wish to work for.
  • Lifetime access to the Games Tester Job Search Database.
  • The database is constantly update.
  • Email support.
  • Comfort and privacy of working from one’s home.
  • You get to keep the games that you test.
  • You gain experience.
  • You don’t need a degree to qualify.

You get to work for reputable video companies such as Disney, Electronic Arts, Capcom, Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, and Warner Bros. Interactive.


  • Spends a little too much time discussing the resume preparation and interview process; may which bore a younger audience.
  • Downplays the difficulty of the application process as well as the game tester requirements.

Final Verdict

While Become a Game Tester is not without its flaws and cons, overall it is still a very worthwhile investment simply because of the returns one gets if you put in the time necessary, appvalley. You also get to make a living from your home and make a lucrative income while you are at it.

Also, Become a Game Tester also gives you your money’s worth as it is constantly update with the latest information on the gaming industry.

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