5 reason why Brotherhood of steel are the best people

The Brotherhood of Steel is the most famous of these factions because it was also present in previous Fallout games, and there is a lot of history for this group.

Some players were upset when the Brotherhood of Steel ended up acting more evil than moral in Fallout 4, and it is easy to see why considering that the Brotherhood of Steel has evolved to both condone bigotry and stealing from settlements of the Commonwealth. There are a lot of great things about the Brotherhood of Steel, but this group has also committed some terrible atrocities as well.


  1. They Have Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime is a robot that was first introduced in Fallout 3 during the main questline. Players will get to help rebuild and use Liberty Prime to open up a tunnel into the Institute. In Fallout 4, Liberty Prime can even throw mini-nukes at enemies.


This massive robot is incredibly impressive mechanically end since the Brotherhood of steel has their hands on it, they are one of the most powerful forces in the Commonwealth. It’s easy to see why Liberty prime is considered to be one of the best parts of the BOS both in Fallout 3 and in Fallout 4.


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  1. They Have An Airship

The Brotherhood of steel has an airship in Fallout 4 that they used to get to the Commonwealth from the Capital Wasteland. They parked it at an abandoned airport from pre-war times.


The Prydwen allows the Brotherhood of metallic to not easily be attacked by enemies such as the Institute and the Railroad because getting to the ship is quite difficult since the Brotherhood of steel are the only faction that has Vertibirds at their disposal which is the only way to move through the air.


  1. They Have A Massive Army

The Brotherhood of steel has a much larger army than any other faction present in the Commonwealth, especially when compared to the Minutemen and the Railroad. The Institute may have a bigger army due to their large manufacturing of synths; however, their army isn’t trained for combat.


The Brotherhood of steel has an even larger army in the Capital Wasteland that could aid them if they ever need help; however, it would take quite a bit of time for the Capital Wasteland BOS members to make their way to the Commonwealth on foot.


  1. They Have Access To A Lot Of Power Armor

Power Armor is a rare resource in the Commonwealth, especially since it was usually only used by the military. However, the Brotherhood of metallic has acquired a large Power Armor collection over the years, and the player will gain access to it when they join up with the Brotherhood of steel.


Most of this power armor is T-51 and T-60; both of these suits are extremely strong. The Brotherhood of metallic also seemingly has access to a lot of upgrades for Power Armor, and this is evident by the jetpack that the player will obtain at the end of the main questline.


  1. They Are Feared By The Commonwealth

The Brotherhood of steel is feared by most characters in the Commonwealth will remark to the player that they are bothered or afraid of the Brotherhood of steel after the Prydwen sets up camp during the main story. This fear mostly comes from the weaponry that the Brotherhood of steel has in their possession.

This fear could be seen as a positive and negative thing for the faction; however, it shows that the BOS is dangerous, and most people wouldn’t want to mess with them, which is a trait that is necessary for defeating other factions such as the Institute.

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