Mafia Wars Fights – Warzone 2 VPN!

If you’ve been exposed to the highly popular and addictive game Mafia Warzone 2 VPN. Then you have also undoubtedly been a part of the fighting that takes place in the game. You also know that there are four things (three old, one more recent) that go into winning a fight: your mafia size. Personal attributes in the “attack” and “defense” sections, equipment, and the new addition of the boosts.

Maybe the most important thing that goes into winning Mafia Wars fights is the size of your mafia, especially at lower levels. Each member can be equipped with a weapon, a defensive item, and a vehicle. So even the difference between a mafia number of 501 holds a strong advantage to a mafia of 490. The attack and defense attributes are pretty self-explanatory, the more attack you own equates to a higher chance of beating someone down, and more defense relates to you holding your own when someone attacks you. The equipment issue is a bit tricky, as with each new “location” added to the game. More (and usually better) equipment comes along with it. Both in the form of loot and as items available for purchase.

When deciding to attack someone, you’ll have a variety of options as to how to go about it. The first is to simply go into the fight screen, choose a hapless victim, and take them out. You’ll find out immediately whether or not you can take the person, so if the first hit isn’t successful, it may not be a good idea to keep going.

The second method is the popular Hitlist. The Hitlist provides you with a list of bounties on other mafia members. Offering you a monetary reward if you can take them out. Another method is to look and see who has attacked you. And if you think you can get them back, by all means go for it! Don’t let someone bully you around!

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